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Swim Team Photos

Recently I took individual photos for my son’s high school swim team. Set up the photo shoot at the end of the evening’s team practice in an outdoor pool after sunset. I placed 2 off-camera flash strobes with radio triggers on light stands on opposite sides of the pool area, equal distant to the selected center swimming lane. I then had each swimmer swim the lane using the butterfly stroke or breast stroke.


The butterfly stroke provides the best visual of the swimmer as they swim straight at the camera, head coming straight up to breath and arms swinging up out of the water from the rear to the front.


The breast stroke provides a head forward perspective too but the arms are underwater providing no visual presence to the shot.

A Surprise in a Tree

Some days you see things that you don’t expect and they catch you by surprise. I was out shooting in an old cemetery recently (more on those images later) when I came upon this tree with amazing bark character. As I worked the tree with different compositions and using the soft evening lighting under the tree I discovered this…


I trust you see it… the elephant head and trunk!

Cross Country Running

I have been out covering our local high school’s Cross Country running team’s participation in various meets around our county and neighboring counties.

This shot is my favorite. It was taken in the late afternoon of a fall day seconds after the race start. It is deep in the redwood forest and very dark. Even with pushed ISO, I had to drag the shutter speed (slowing it down). The result was that as I panned and zoomed with the group of runners to follow them, the slow shutter speed resulted in zoomed blurs as I did slow cluster clicks. The resulting image is just as shot except for the black & white treatment – there are no effects added in post.

Sometimes you just luck out getting a great click! Also, the only runner clearly in focus in the white singlet is our school’s top male runner and the eventual race winner. Again luck, wish I could claim that I planned that but I can’t.

So… I’m pretty happy with this shot. Working with the cross country team has been my first pass at covering team sports. Learned a lot along the way but this click makes me very happy.

Kelby WWPW 2012 Follow-Up

So, the followup to the Kelby Worldwide Photowalk was that I did not get my entry in by the deadline. The image above is the one I would have selected.

After a very busy week and some weekend meetings (lengthy), I started prepping my images for submission to the contest site and the group photo album. With the busy weekend culminating in our first significant rain storm after 7 months of summer weather, I got caught with a 9am contest deadline on Monday. I thought I had the day to submit – not an early morning deadline. Dang!!

It didn’t work out this year. I’ll just have to wait for next year… and hopefully the social aspect of the photowalk will be more engaging next year.

2012 Kelby Worldwide Photowalk

This was my 2nd year in participating in the Kelby Worldwide Photowalk held on October 13th. This year I participated in the Photowalk in Santa Cruz, California.

The two walks were quite different, beyond the fact they were in different countries and on opposite sides of the continent. Last year much of the enjoyed benefit in the walk was moving through the time on the walk route as a group and talking with the other photographers; hearing their stories, seeing how they looked differently than I at similar scenes, sharing information and techniques, seeing a wide variety of compositions to images we all saw on the route.

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